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Hygienic, sustainable,

practical, and effective for

diagnosis Wartenberg Pinwheel. 


Join the movement towards a safer, more hygienic, and efficient medical practice. Embrace the future with our innovative Wartenberg Pinwheels - a testament to our commitment to enhancing patient care and elevating medical examinations to new heights.

Upgrade your medical instruments today, and witness the difference our advanced approach can make in your practice. Together, let's build a healthier, safer world - one pinwheel at a time.

We believe in progress and innovation, just like the evolution of modern-day syringes. Our plastic medical pinwheels have undergone a remarkable transformation, bringing about a new era of safety, hygiene, and patient comfort.


Your trusted source for

High-Quality Plastic 

Wartenberg Pinwheeels...

Experience Accurate
Sensory Testing

This practical and cost - effective device was developed to address an urgent need to minimize cross contamination and blood borne diseases, and is proven to:

  • Meet all OSHA guidelines pertaining to bloodborne pathogens.

  • Offer protection against cross-contamination of bloodborne diseases.

  • Offer protection for patient and examiner. 

Quality Tools for Quality Care


Just like modern syringes offer accurate dosing, our pinwheels provide gentle and precise sensory testing, making examinations more comfortable for your patients.

Our medical pinwheels are designed with the highest standards of cleanliness in mind. Feel confident in knowing that each pinwheel is pristine and safe for every patient interaction.

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