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  • IDEAL for Chiropractors, Orthopedists,  Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Hospitals, Urgent Care Clinics and Physical Therapy Centers.

  • Aids medical professionals in testing and diagnosing nerve damage when rotating pinwheel over any area of the body.


  • Ergonomic handle for precise control of device

  • Rotating pinwheel attached to handle.

  • Measures 3"L x 1"W x 1"H.

  • Made of plastic / Latex-free.

  • Compact size / Compact for easy storage

  • Single-patient use to prevent cross-contamination


  • Run wheel lightly over any area to prick patient awareness and test cutaneous sensitivity or pain response. 

  • Dispose of in a BIO HAZARD Waste Receptacle After Use

This product must be disposed of in a Biohazard waste receptacle after use. For recycling, please follow your state guidelines and consult the following links:

Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council 

For orders of 10 boxes or more, use promo code  10FOR10  to get 10% off your entire order.

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A Wartenberg Pinwheel is a neurological device used across several professions in order to test the reaction of nerves and the skin. The device is a wheel, with spikes around its edge, connected to a handle. It is rolled across the skin in order to stimulate feeling. These Wartenberg Pinwheels, which are made in the United States, are made from disposable plastic and boast an ergonomic handle and a compact size. This does not only facilitate ease of use but also allows for compact storage solutions. The device is single-use and disposed, which ensures that the product is sanitary while also avoiding the possibility of cross-contamination.

Originally widely accepted in Germany, the Wartenberg Pinwheel eventually made its way to the United States and became widely used and helpful across a plethora of professionals such as chiropractors, orthopedists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, urgent care clinic, physical therapists, and more. This device is used to aid medical professionals in the diagnosis of nerve damage when rolling the Wartenberg Pinwheel over the skin.

There were concerns regarding the hygiene of the product due to the required contact with a patient's skin. However, these concerns have been addressed with the Neuro-Aide Disposable Pinwheel. The NAD Wartenberg Pinwheel is disposable and single-use, ensuring that each patient will have their own sterile pinwheel for use.

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