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Is your facility ready for the holiday season?

While the holiday season of 2022 is approaching, it is important to remember how drastically car accidents increase during these times, due to drunk driving after celebrations, heavy traffic, and interstate people traveling. Therefore It’s essential that your personal injury facility staff is ready to attend to any kind of accident!

During the holiday season (approximately the months of November and December), car accidents increase by more than 10% compared to the rest of the year. This is due to the increase of people traveling across the country for family and friends gatherings. Recent reviews made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that nearly 25,000 people lost their lives and close to 5,000 people ended up seriously injured in car crashes between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day.

As a medical facility owner or director, we understand the importance of keeping up with patient increases whilst offering the best patient care during the holiday season closings, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. NAD Pinwheel Inc. has put together some basics you should have in mind to be ready for this exciting yet busy season.

Decide the days that your office will be closed:

Deciding the dates when your office would be closed, will help you organize your calendars in order to schedule or reschedule any meetings. Also will give you plenty of time to complete urgent tasks before the new year.

Communicate holiday closure to your patients:

Be sure to notify your patients about the closing dates at least two weeks before the holidays, so they can schedule their appointments accordingly. Also, leave a voicemail message reminding your patients of the date you will be opening your facilities again.

Stack yourself with the appropriate amount of medical devices and tools:

It’s important for you to have your shelves stacked with enough medicine, medical devices, and tools. Making your purchases before your medical device providers get their time off for holidays. Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase your Wartenberg pinwheels with NAD. Free and fast shipping following

We understand how overwhelming holidays can be, but if you plan ahead, it will be easier for you and your patients to plan your schedule accordingly.

NAD Pinwheel Inc. wishes you a happy holiday season!



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