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NAD Pinwheel’s tips for growing your Chiropractic business

Constantly improving the proficiency of your chiropractic clinic should be the top priority for you and your staff. Your patients are always watching and will for sure be the first ones aware of your efforts, which will ultimately increase your profit. It can be difficult, however, to know where to start when you have a full patient load on your agenda and multiple people on staff.

It’s a different world today than in the past. Making your medical practice successful nowadays arguably takes more thought and strategy than it once did. The good news is you have more options and tools than ever to help you operate and boost your clinic successfully. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few helpful chiropractic business tips for growing your practice.

Make technology your best friend

Today's patients embrace technology and love medical innovation that improves their condition quickly.

Practice management software (and automated reminder programs), high-tech equipment, and telemedicine are some of the latest trends in the medical industry that are here to stay, even more so after the pandemic. Even if you might be reluctant to the idea of including these in your business, you need to do so ASAP. What patients want has radically changed because of digitalization. Information that used to only be available to doctors and hospitals is now readily available to everyone with just a few clicks on their phones. Today’s patients embrace technology and especially love medical technology that improves their condition quickly and without the use of drugs or long treatments. Updated equipment typically has a more efficient design (safer for patients, more sustainable materials, material reduction, and recycling process consideration) than outdated instruments, so updating your medical devices can save you space and money. You may take a quick and easy step in this direction, shopping NAD Pinwheels here:

Find your Market

Find the right market for you according to your specialty and unattended audiences Always bring different services to your patients.

There are many different markets for chiropractors. There are those who are focused solely on sports injuries and treating top athletes, while others are focused on young patients, the elderly, pediatric adjustment, rehabilitation, personal injury, or even combine chiropractic with different specialties, like acupuncture or choose to be an all-around chiropractor. You may have been focused on a single market for years and it may have worked for you so far but, our recommendation would be to always be open to change and innovation bringing different services to your patients.

After finding your market, MARKET your business

A strong online presence, a stronger brand message, and the right digital marketing channels are crucial to attracting new patients.

You need to know how you’re going to attract patients through marketing. Simply putting the message of “great hands” out there to your audience might be just too overplayed. Think about what makes you different in a world with “great hands” and effective treatment chiropractors. Is it the way you follow up with your patients? Is it the way you educate your audience about chiropractic innovations and recent studies? Could it be your state-of-the-art technology equipment? Find your core differentiator and make sure you take it to your audience. Now, how should you do that exactly?

Having a strong online presence, sharing an even stronger brand message, and utilizing the right digital marketing channels is crucial to attracting new patients and growing your business. Digital Marketing connects you to the people who need your services with your special differentiation factor, via a custom website of your business, technical SEO for your site to rank on the top search pages of search engines, social media platforms, email marketing, blog articles, and more.

Focus on your patients

Educate, engage and value your patients' feedback. Become an active, respected, and reliable member of your audience.

The number one skill after knowing how to adjust a spine is knowing how to communicate with people. In the medical field, more than any other, you need to educate, engage, and value your patient’s feedback.


The biggest problem many chiropractors face is misinformation. This is the perfect opportunity to educate and inspire your patients, for them to take an active role in their health and way to recovery with the help of your chiropractic care and expertise. It’s a fact that when you educate your patients by explaining how your practice works, how you can help them with their condition, that they are in control of the speed of their recovery, etc., it leads to better patient relationships and makes them the best referral ambassadors.

Always be prepared with facts, data, and expertise so you can educate your audience (on digital platforms) and clients (patients). Join professional associations, and chiropractic networks, create and assist webinars, conferences, and events alike, and take all that knowledge to your digital platforms while also becoming an active, respected, and reliable member of your audience. You’ll make your profession look good and create demand for your services.


You must not only listen to what your patients tell you, but also reach out to them and answer their questions, ask them about what they wish to learn, and discover more about their pain points, all while being compassionate and supportive.

And finally, always keep an eye on innovation

Invest time and money into continuous innovation.

You must offer potential patients something they can’t get anywhere else. Come up with some innovations of your own – whether in time-saving processes, employee satisfaction, or new technologies that make life easier for you and your patients. Invest time and money into continuous innovation.



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