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Do I Really Need A Wartenberg Pinwheel In My Practice?

As a health professional, we know that having the best quality instruments for your practice, and the comfort of your patients, is essential. Thanks to the Waternberg Pinwheel, for several years neurologists have had a device that helps them run different diagnostic and stimulation tests.

The Wartenberg Pinwheel is a versatile and indispensable tool for medical practitioners. Its professional-grade design ensures precision and accuracy in various medical procedures. Whether it's assessing sensory perception or conducting neurological examinations, the Wartenberg Pinwheel proves to be an invaluable asset.

Also known as the Wattenberg neuro wheel, the pinwheel was the first design to test different nerve reactions by rolling it across different areas of the skin, making it easy to handle and appropriately use while performing a variety of tests such as pain perception responses, reactivity and sensitivity of skin nerves after an accident. Its ergonomic handle doesn't need sterilization and is single-use which means there's no possibility of cross-contamination and its radiating sharp spikes are used for neurological testing by analyzing the patient’s reaction to any given stimuli.

Physiotherapists use the neuro wheel for their practice enhancement and get any testing done as part of their requirements, with the pins they can create different reactions depending on the different types of patients. It emerges as a groundbreaking tool in this field.

Its use in assessing tactile sensitivity, identifying sensory abnormalities, and locating nerve damage enables doctors to obtain critical diagnostic information. As one of the leading neurological examination tools, the Wartenberg Pinwheel significantly contributes to accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

How to use a Wartenberg Pinwheel?

To properly use the Wartenberg Pinwheel there are some safety considerations:

  • Hold the instrument firmly by the handle.

  • Roll the moving spur with needles over the target area.

  • Apply as much pressure as needed, depending on each process.

This is a unique neurosurgical testing tool that grants neurologists the opportunity to observe the patients’ feedback after the application of the instrument. It's also an imperative mechanism to enhance your practice under the politics of health risk management, so keep in mind certain safety considerations will give you clinical benefits and good recognition for your practice.

Health Risk Management is the key to a successful practic

As a health practitioner you have knowledge that contaminated medical devices are one of the reasons for the sickness of hundreds of hospital patients across the United States, mainly due to improper selection of a disinfecting agent, inadequate cleaning, and failure in cleaning and disinfecting procedures for medical devices.

Wartenberg Pinwheel prevents the spread of healthcare-associated infections, especially our hygienic, sustainable, practical, and effective-for-diagnosis NAD Wartenberg Pinwheel. By using the NAD Pinwheel there’s no need for sterilization, no risk of cross-contamination or infection transmission, they are made of 100% plastic and latex-free, perfect a single-use, fast diagnosis for nerve damage, high quality, and an affordable price.

The safest choice for your practice and your patients is the NAD Pinwheel, which eliminates all risk of pathogen transmission and the time-consuming sterilization process with the single-use, 100% recyclable, plastic and latex-free NAD Wartenber Pinwheels. Our NAD Pinwheel can stimulate the nerves across the skin, ensuring hygiene being this single-use, and then you can dispose of the device ensuring that each one remains sterile, and your medical professional practice will avoid cross-contamination.

Within the neurological practice, our NAD Pinwheels play a fundamental role when performing standard neurological tests such as:

  • Cutaneous sensory and pain perception responses.

  • Nerve damage diagnosis when rotating the pinwheel over any area of the body.

Implementing NAD (Neuro-Aide-Disposable) Pinwheel in your practice gives you access to a single-use disposable device with a compact size, as well as the opportunity to SAVE PATIENTS while also saving money.

With its role in revolutionizing neurological examination tools for doctors, the NAD Wartenberg Pinwheel becomes an essential instrument in the pursuit of accurate diagnoses and improved patient care. To learn more about the Wartenberg Pinwheel and its applications, visit



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