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Relive our online webinar: 

"The Neuro-sensory Examination and the Personal Injury Practice"

NAD Pinwheel Inc. Presents PI PRO founder Dr. Troy A. Freiheit.

This program is presented to enhance and support the physician caring for motor vehicle collision patients. 


Improving patient outcomes, reducing therapeutic culpability, and minimizing risks to the patient are some of the goals of this presentation.

About Dr. Freiheit:

Dr. Freiheit is a nationally published author and independent researcher in the area of Personal Injury. 

Dr. Freiheit is a chiropractic physician of 35 years of service to the chiropractic profession and to the patients that have sought his care. The primary focus of his practice has been directed at the care of individuals involved in motor vehicle collisions (MVC). He has been admitted as an expert witness solely based on his extensive experience in this patient subset. His experience includes the intake, examination & treatment, deposition, Special Investigative Unit depositions (SIU), arbitration and trial testimony for the care of over 5000 MVC cases.


He has offered successful support of the care documented primarily by the patient file to med pay reviewers with winning rebuttals resulting in near full reimbursement.

He has researched and written 3 foundational articles for the chiropractic practice treating
the MVC patient with an emphasis on treatment strategies leading to the timely symptomatic recovery of the patient. No therapeutic fault or evidence of spoliation has ever been attributed to his cases.

Program highlights include:


  • Multiple Pinwheel Exams (PWE) improve patient outcomes.

  • PWE interpretations can strengthen file documentation.

  • A PWE can uncover severe injury.

  • A strong case benefits the patient, attorney and the practitioner.

  • Case Value can be strengthened and spoliation of evidence avoided.


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